The Art of Eating: A Book Review

10 FEBRUARY 2019

The Art of Eating

Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher was an American writer that carved her own niche in the culinary world. Her wit and love for elegant yet simple foods has made her one of the best

The Art of Eating is a 50th anniversary reprint of five books originally printed under other names: Serve it Forth, Consider the Oyster, How to Cook a Wolf, The Gastronomical Me, and An Alphabet for Gourmets. 

Each book brings a fresh way of looking at food, a timeless philosophy of enjoying what you have with people you love.

Serve it Forth

Serve it Forth is a look at food and culture throughout history.

Consider the Oyster

Consider the Oyster gives her thoughts on oysters, along with its origination and the science behind it.

How to Cook a Wolf

How to Cook a Wolf was written around the time of World War II and explains how to eat well with what is available. In a time of food shortages and hardship, this book encouraged people to find joy in each meal.

The Gastronomical Me

The Gastronomical Me is somewhat of a cult classic in the culinary world. It shows a glimpse of the author's life, a memoir showing the important ties between food, life, and love.

An Alphabet for Gourmets

An Alphabet for Gourmets was originally a series of magazine articles. Each one represented a letter of the alphabet and told about Fisher's adventures.

These timeless books encourage eating to be an art, a time for friendship and hospitality, to make each meal wonderful no matter how simple it is. At a time when eating was utilitarian, meals were scarce, and mostly consisted of avoiding food poisoning, her methods and philosophy brought new life to the table.

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