Strive for Viral with These Trends in Food Photography

5 JANUARY 2019


One of the most important tools in a freelance food photographer's arsenal is creativity. Customers want to see something innovative — not the same old, same old. Do things differently in 2019. Consider applying one of these trends in food photography to your next assignment.

  1. The bare minimum. Minimalism isn't just a type of interior decorating. Apply it to your food photography. Props and garnishes are no longer necessary to create an impactful image. Keep it simple by focusing on the food or beverage itself. Don't worry about complex backdrops. Instead, use lighting and surfaces to enhance the subject.

  2. One color scheme. Similar to minimalism, keep things simple with a monochromatic theme. Pick one color and stick to it. Food, lighting, and surfaces should remain in the same color family. This style fits particularly well with plant-based food photography. 

  3. Integrated movement. Gifs are for more than reactions to tweets. An animated gif is easily shared on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Call on your freelance food videographer friends to help you make one of these because moving images receive way more interaction that still photos. Tell a simple story through gif.

  4. Avoid natural light. For the casual food photographer, natural light and a filter may be their choice for styling. For the professional stylist, consider playing with different forms of lighting. For so long soft lighting has dominated food photography. Go for the dramatic flair and try artificial light on your shoot. 

  5. Abstract art. Become the Picasso of freelance food photography with this trend. These photos highlight the details behind the recipe, not just the finished product. Instead of a simple, straightforward image, give your audience something to pause and ponder, rather than quickly scroll past.

Remember, these trends in food photography don't fit every foot. The best approach is what will inspire the imagination and tease the viewer's senses. Contact us for a fresh perspective on food photography and to discuss your next project.