Food Styling: The Art of Preparing Food for the Camera (book review)

9 MARCH 2018

Food Styling The Art of Preparing Food for the Camera

There is much more to food aesthetics then putting nicely all the ingredients on the plate. The author of the book, Delores Custer, creates magic for over 30 years gracefully combining fresh and ripe products, well thought-through composition, contrasting colors, correct lighting, and her bright mind and inventive approach. In her book Food styling: The Art of Preparing Food for the Camera, the author raises the curtains of all aspects of the profession to illustrate the routine from call from the client to production.

It is an insightful handbook that describes the realities of the food styling business, depicts in details behind the scenes process, sheds light on the most challenging issues that the industry professionals meet.

We have identified top 5 challenges that that the expert lays down slick solutions for:

  1. How to create chef-d’oevres for media worth a million likes? The guru of styling discloses all low-down of the milestones in the process: from idea generation to implementation of designing effective and vibrant images exceptional mouthwatering image.
  2. How to stay motivated and inspired for creating versatile food compositions? Get enthused by skimming through 300 full-color photos with sharp and sophisticated design. Use the expert’s tactics and hints to develop more creative ideas that work for result.  
  3. How to never stay out of food styling fashion? The writer provides a review of the concepts from the last 60 years. Learn how to keep up latest trends and design your own concepts. Discover how to create elegant and exquisite meals that look flawless on the picture.
  4. How to mediate creativity and boring management aspects? Learn about the possible challenges for getting the job done. Avoid messing with the stumbling-stones that come along the process of managing your food styling career. Become a connoisseur of the field using the glossary of industry related terminology that Delores has compiled for you.
  5. Using a comprehensive and friendly tone, the writer shares her own experience and main the sources from her secret chest on all aspects of the industry from food suppliers to websites for inspiration.

Food Styling can serve as a catalogue of resources to refer to for ordering products, tools, equipment supplies, cookware and props. It serves as a resource base of popular and informative magazines, books for practitioners, and websites for adepts.

No matter how much time you have spent learning about food styling and food photography, the trends always change with time and it is nice to have in your pocket a complete manual that you can learn from, refer to and add on to run a successful food styling business of your own.

This book is perfect match of segment expertise and systematization of useful information and tools for getting the job done. It will be useful for both those who are new to the segment as it compiles the essentials of the industry; as well as professional food stylists who are seeking to discover latest trends and learn new techniques for creating appealing food compositions.