Food Photography — What You Need To Know To Create Mouth Watering Photography

15 FEBRUARY 2019

Food Photography — What You Need To Know To Create Mouth Watering Photography

Have you ever tried to take a picture of that amazing meal you just spent hours creating only to find out the picture fell flat and didn't do justice to your hard work? Are you having trouble figuring out how professional photographers get those gorgeous images that you just can't seem to recreate? Are you frustrated from hearing that you can't make it as a freelance food photographer without investing in incredibly expensive equipment? In Food Photography-What You Need To Know To Create Mouth Watering Photography Aaron Chase gives very simple but incredibly effective tips on how to take your photography skills to the next level.

Food Photographer

It's a short read that is full of great details for food photographers who are just starting to play with their cameras. But veteran photographers shouldn't shy away from this book either, as you may learn some tips and tricks that you have never heard of before. Aaron Chase doesn't mince words as he gets straight to the point and describes simple ways to get those amazing shots. Freelance food stylists will also benefit as the tips mostly involve items you can find lying around the house. Got cotton balls? You'll need them for making your baked dijon salmon look piping hot! 

Food stylist advice

Aaron Chase offers advice on things like lighting, the best angles to get that perfect shot, backdrops, and how to make your cold dishes look straight from the cooler. He also gives great tips on how to avoid small mistakes that are easy to overlook. Just a quick glance through the book showcases gorgeous photography that speaks just as vividly as the text. 

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