Food Photography & Lighting

22 JANUARY 2019

Food Photography & Lighting

If eating great food and photography are two of your favorite pastimes, then Food Photography & Lighting by Teri Campbell is for a must have for your library! Unlike many books that throw so many technical terms at you that even a seasoned freelance food professional would be left scratching their head, it is written in a simple but informative way that anyone can learn from. From gorgeous photography to light humor that makes it easy to read, there is much to be loved about Food Photography and Lighting.


The pictures in this book are simple and yet so beautifully done, it makes you want to grab a camera and try to recreate the shots. Teri Campbell has been a food photographer for years, and it shows not only in his photographs but in his ability to teach others his art. The colors are bright and crisp in each photograph and the placement of every item right down to each individual blueberry is done with care for maximum visual impact. No detail is insignificant and it's a pleasure just to look at Teri's pictures.


Anyone who has ever picked up a camera knows that it takes more than pretty backdrop and sunlight to get a good shot. There are many little tricks and tips that make the difference between a work of art and a picture you immediately delete to free up memory space. Food Photography and Lighting breaks down these tips in a simple, humorous way that encourages readers to give it a shot. It's an easy, but intriguing read that even casual readers will enjoy. For freelance food stylists, photographers, or videographers, it's one of those books that can take your art to the next level.

Food Photography Business

Teri Campbell doesn't stop with tips on lighting. He has advice for starting up a business, working with food stylists and other team members, tools of the trade, designing your studio, and marketing. He doesn't gloss things over and make it seem like running a business is for everyone, but he makes it clear that with hard work and dedication, it's possible to have a successful business. For anyone looking to start up a freelance food photography business, this is a wonderful resource that will walk you through many of the not so glamorous aspects of the business that are often overlooked. 

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