Five Ways to Find and Hire a Stellar Freelance Food Photographer



How did you find your last job? Did you see a posting online and apply? Maybe you found a listing on LinkedIn or Indeed or ZipRecruiter. Like most other industries, the job market has turned to the Internet. Many freelancers find their work through job posting boards. But what if you want to find a freelance food photographer? Here are five innovative ways to find and hire someone to photographer eats for your blog or recipe website.

Search hashtags

This is a fun way to find a potential partner. Open your Instagram app (if you don't have it, download it immediately!) and select the search function. Select "tags" and enter relevant hashtags. Execute one search per hashtag. Try terms (remember, no spacing between words) like freelance food photographer, [YOUR CITY NAME] food photographer, food photographer, [YOUR CITY NAME] freelance food photographer. Then peruse their shots and see if you like their work. When you find people you like, send them a message. 

Talk to your peers

Contact your local food blogger friends and ask them who they use. Once again, you can look at the photographer's work and see if it is a good fit for your aesthetic. 

Ask others in the industry

If you know freelance food stylists or freelance food videographers, they most likely have a network you can hook into. Talk to someone you trust and get their input.

Look at local eateries

Start looking at websites and social media accounts of your favorite local restaurants. If you find a look that you love, contact the restaurant and find out who's taking their photos.

Before you hire, do your homework

Once you've toured a freelance food photographer's portfolio and decided you want to work with them, it's time to do your due diligence. Ask for multiple references. Ask to see work that isn't included in their portfolio. Give them a specific challenge they may encounter working with you, and ask them how they would overcome it.

Just because the job market is online, doesn't mean you have to hunt through resumes to find your next photographer. With a little creative research, you can find the perfect person for your photography needs. Contact us to learn how yumpic can produce stunning, sharable food photography for your business.