Digital Food Photography


Digital Food Photography

Are you someone who loves photography, but wasn't born with a camera in your hands? Have you only recently discovered your love for viewing the world through a camera lens? Are you a freelance photographer looking to get started in the business of photographing food for blogs or magazines?  If so, then Digital Food Photography by Lou Manna would be a great place to start your new career. 

History of Digital Photography

Some people like knowing the background information on the progression of technology and Lou Manna provides this. His brief personal history of how he evolved from shooting black and white photos, taking test shots with Polaroid cameras, and finally buying his first digital camera is fascinating. He also goes into a technical history of how digital photography works that is both short and simple to understand.

Working With Clients

Working with clients can be both fun and challenging. It can be tricky not knowing exactly what they want. Figuring it out well enough to deliver what the client desires are part of what a good freelance food photographer or videographer does. It can also be a source of contention if the client isn't fully aware of what you do to get those great shots. Lou Manna has been in the business for years and has had more than one encounter with a picky client. He gives tips on some of the many ways he has tried to involve them more directly in the process so that clients see what he does. With digital photography, it is now possible for the clients to see photos before you ever finish the shoot, and Digital Food Photography gives several examples of how this can be done.

Tips for Making Your Food Look Amazing

Just take a quick glance through Digital Food Photography and you will see what an amazing photographer Lou Manna is. His techniques are easily replicated and are not so complicated that it takes a physics degree to figure it out. It's also a fun way to get into the swing of things as you figure out your own tips and tricks.

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