Digest the 7 most interesting food styling links of March

25 MARCH 2018


Everything works in cycles and has a tendency of repeating itself. In the merry-go-round of trends, leading a healthy lifestyle is back in fashion. Most of all it concerns food choices. Leah Mennies brings up her childhood memories and her mother’s experience in an overview about healthy food literature back in the day that become actual today. The author selects top three readings: Diet for a Small Planet (1975); The Vegetarian Epicure (1972); and Moosewood Cookbook (1977) that can be used as basis and inspire right food choices today.

According to Snapwire the demand for delishion food images is growing exponentially. In their blog, the resource for selling photography disguise their algorithm of top 7 tricks for a successful shot. In addition, at the end of the article, the authors include a cheat sheet with a list of things that you can forget to remember, but that are a big of a deal in the final case.

It doesn't take one day to build Rome emphasizes Alex Beggs in his article on Molly Yeh’s journey from New York percussionist to North Dakota beet farm queen and a progressive food blogger. Not all epic journeys are about superheroes or greek Gods, some are about interesting people that follow their passion, like creating food and confectionary and writing about it interestingly enough for you to want their book on your shelf, which by the way, Molly is about to issue.

There are so many tips and tricks roaming over the internet to teach you how to shoot your food correctly. But not many of those actually tell you things that you should avoid for an impeccable plate look of your dish. Darlene writes about some aspects that may create a messy or untidy look for your food blog images that may be easily avoided after all.

Understanding the magic behind food styling comes with experience. The blogger walks us through her personal journey from mediocre pictures of food to very precisely evaluated and well-prepared editorial chef d’oevres. Digging into the technical aspects, the writer examines how having a creative heart still requires some harsh theory and logic for better frame results.

The first rule of the food photography club is there are no rules. The writer presents an alternative approach to food styling and photography. Introducing creative anarchy into food styling makes the anti-trend become a trend. Breaking the major key rules of shooting food, the author puts heart before technology to produce appealing shots and invites you to do the same.

Just like shooting for sales catalogue or fashion magazines are two separate fields, commercial and editorial food styling require completely different approach. Pridhi Jain points out the examples in order to evaluate creative and technical limits imposed on the artist by the industry.