Digest the 7 most interesting food styling links of April

19 APRIL 2018


Being a chef, or a food stylist always has a downside of lack of time and a need for fast results in limited timing. Christina Chaey shares 18 tips for quick kitchen actions for yummy food dishes.

Other than the main focal point - the object in the image, lighting in a photo plays a crucial role. While natural light is preferable most of the times for styling a great food frame, with ever changing angles and intensity, there is not always the time to capture the right shot. At last, knowing how to work with artificial lighting gives a better hand at controlling the shoot and the result. Choosing between natural and artificial lighting, the main question that one needs to ask self is what emotion do we translate. Rachel discusses technical aspects of artificial lighting that help develop an image that looks soft and natural.

If you think being food stylist can be a part-time job you are wrong. Discover a routine day of food stylist Nicole Twohy who talks about her work casualties hour by hour. The author raises the curtains to show everything from waking up, to little details of work process and small breaks that are limited by professional lifestyle.

It’s a paradox that the jobs that require the most inventive insights lack creativity. All this is due to the fact that everyone is trying to reinvent the wheel, while everything has been already invented. In reality, there are no new ideas, they are all the old ones with a new touch. Two loves studio shares 99 ways of tips, hacks, creative visions to set off your own mindset to start boiling new ideas.

Even if you are down with creativity, you can always win by improving your shot on the technical side. Even the most boring composition can become interesting if one chooses a right perspective to portray it. Skyler Burt identifies 5 ways of significant improvement: choose the angle precisely; surround your “hero” dish with interesting elevating elements; be playful with lighting; use geometry to give edge; hold onto the color scheme.

There is no much more festive food then the cake. If food had hierarchy, cake would be definitely the king of all. Food blogger Anita Chu depicts the latest industry trends of the food styling photography on an example of just one festive cake.

There are several ways to improve composition in food photography. Selecting specific colors as visual design elements evoke different emotions and moods. Rachel discusses how various color combinations, mixes and contrasts work in the frame and affect the human mind.