An In-Depth Book Review of Feast Your Eyes


Feast Your Eyes

Named by Grub Street as "The year's most satisfying new book", Feast Your Eyes by Brittany Wright is an inspiration and a breath of fresh air. Inspired by ingredients like fresh fruits and vegetables, Brittany transformed ordinary food into amazingly beautiful artwork to create this rare compilation of photographic excellence.

The Woman Behind the Art

Raised by her grandparents, Brittany Wright learned to love home cooking. She also developed a deep passion for photography. Although she grew up and began working in a corporate job, Brittany never lost her connection to food and photography. When the time came that she realized how draining her corporate job had become, she transformed her life by combining her passions and talents to produce this wonderful book.

Captivating Photography

With more than a hundred high-quality photographs inside, Feast Your Eyes depicts a colorful arrangement of foods in their natural, uncooked state. The book's stunning photos of everyday ingredients show how different arrangements work together to create beautiful works of art on every page. Feast Your Eyes is more than an inspiration to food lovers, but serves as an eye-catching statement piece for the coffee table in your home or book easel in your office.

A Different Point of View

One of the most inspiring things about this book is that it offers a completely unique way of looking at food. Most people see food as a fairly straight-forward product designed to provide nutrition. Not anymore! After browsing the pages of Feast Your Eyes, your entire perspective on food is sure to change. You may even become inspired to create your own artwork out of food.

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